Introducing TENTclips by LSTclips: The Ultimate Solution for Versatile Tent Fan Mounting

Upgrade your indoor growing setup or outdoor canopy experience with TENTclips by LSTclips. Designed for use with 16mm poles, our tent fan mount offers unparalleled convenience and functionality for growers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Monitor your indoor growing environment effortlessly or stay cool under your canopy with ease. Our universal TENTclips mount seamlessly attaches to 16mm poles, providing a secure and reliable platform for your fan.

Versatile and adaptable, TENTclips aren’t just for grow tents. Whether you’re camping outdoors, managing a greenhouse, or setting up an upright canopy, our fan mount is the perfect accessory for any location equipped with a 16mm pole.

Crafted to accommodate the popular Hurricane Fan, our tent fan mount is compatible with any fan featuring the same hole mount configuration. From 6-inch Hurricane Fans to clip-on varieties, TENTclips ensure a snug fit for a range of fan brands and models.

But that’s not all – TENTclips offer more than just fan mounting capabilities. With additional attachments available for a camera tray and hook, our versatile system allows you to customize your setup to meet your specific needs.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of TENTclips by LSTclips today. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or an outdoor enthusiast, TENTclips are the perfect companion for enhancing your indoor or outdoor experience. Upgrade your setup with TENTclips and take your growing or outdoor adventures to the next level!

6 Inch Hurricane Fan
Grow Tent Camera Tray