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16mm Tent Pole Camera Tray.  Easily attaches to pole for a cam and other items to hold. Quick slide on and off to change with other  TENTclips accessories.


Works on a 16mm pole.  Grow Tent Camera tray is used to monitor your indoor growing experience. It works with the universal TENTclips mount.  Easily slides on and off to replace with other TENTclips accessories.

This camera tray works great for outdoor camping, greenhouses, grow tents, upright canopies, and just about any location that has a 16mm pole to attach the TENTclips pole mount to.

TENTclips – This Camera Tray is designed to fit an Indoor Nest Video Camera. With a convenient hole on the bottom to tuck the USB cord through.

The tray will accommodate a number of camera brands as well as any other use for a tray to hold gardening and camping items.

TENTclip’s are made in Central California USA, part of the LSTclips brand Created by AirTech®

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in


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  1. LSTclips

    This grow tent camera tray works great with my indoor Nest Cam!

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