Outsunny Stable Outdoor Walk-in Garden Greenhouse with Roof Vent and Rain Gutter for Plants, 8′ Lx 6.25′ W


  • ✅SUPPORTS PLANT GROWTH: The transparent 0.25″ PC twin-wall plastic panels allow maximum light transmission while retaining heat for early seed sprouting or for protecting plants late in the season.
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE ROOF: The adjustable roof positioned to different angles to provide proper ventilation and to make sure your plants get all the fresh air they need.
  • ✅DURABLE DESIGN: The lightweight aluminum frame, tough-as-nails hardware, and reinforced poles help prevent corrosion from prematurely rotting your greenhouse frame.
  • ✅SAVE ON WATER COSTS: The included rain gutters aid in collecting natural rain water. Attach a hose to the house to ensure you’re one step closer to full self-sufficiency.
  • ✅LARGE GROWING SPACE: Measuring 6’ L x 6.25′ W x 6.4′ H, this greenhouse offers you plenty of space for plant preparation and growth. Keep them safe inside until they’re hardy enough for planting outside.


Outsunny’s polycarbonate portable walk-in garden greenhouse is perfect for the home gardening enthusiast who is looking for a way to stay in the soil year-round. It offers all the protection your plants need to thrive without having to spend a great deal of green yourself. The powder-coated aluminum frame and UV-resistant, polycarbonate sheets will keep your plants, vegetables, herbs, and flowers safe. These transparent sheets allow natural lighting to pass throughout the entire structure. An adjustable rooftop opening panel ensures excellent ventilation for your hot house. A convenient sliding door design provides quick access to the inside. Easy to assemble and take down, our Outsunny transparent aluminum greenhouse is the ideal solution for keeping your plants happy and healthy throughout the entire year.



  • Powder-coated aluminum alloy frame offers durable support
  • Twin wall, UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets keep your plants safe
  • Convenient single sliding door design for easy access to the inside
  • Opening rooftop panel ensures excellent ventilation for your unit
  • Rain gutters aid in collecting natural rain water
  • Galvanized base provides stable support for the entire structure
  • Assembly required




  • Color: Transparent Panels, Silver Frame
  • Material: Aluminum, Polycarbonate
  • Overall Dimensions: 8’ L x 6.25′ W x 6.4′ H
  • Door Dimensions: 24.25″ W x 63.5″ H
  • Polycarbonate Panel Thickness: 4 mm


NOTE: This is not a heavy duty greenhouse, please keep this in mind when constructing and leaving up during inclement weather. Any damage done due to wind, rain, or other elements beyond our control are not covered by us.

1 review for Outsunny Stable Outdoor Walk-in Garden Greenhouse with Roof Vent and Rain Gutter for Plants, 8′ Lx 6.25′ W

  1. Ellen Brown

    I was nervous buying this greenhouse because of the heavy winds we get in the Southwest. We live on a ridgeline and experience wicked winds in the spring and the only flat place I could locate it had more wind exposure than I wanted. The day after we assembled it, we got to watch how it would stand up to 45 mph winds. It did great! Granted, we did secure it to the ground and there were a couple panels that blew out, but we were able to adjust the frame enough to prevent that happening again. Assembly is easy- pieces are bundled and numbered in a construction progression manner so it was super easy to do. It does take and extra set of hands for putting the roof together and some of the panels, but still easy. Instructions were clear and easy to read. No tools needed as the product comes with two assembly tools. One suggestion to anyone putting this together… soft tighten any screws until the whole thing is assembled, then go it and tighten everything down. I would recommend this greenhouse to anyone who really wants one but can’t afford to buy the expensive, heavy-duty type. I would also recommend locating it where it can have some protection from strong winds. I would certainly purchase this product again. Thumbs up!
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    – Ellen Brown

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