LSTclips by AirTech


Growers gain more control of their crops, allowing for bigger and better yields.

LSTclips™ by AirTech ® Organic Automation are great for speeding up the process of allowing better airflow, light control, and compact spaces.

Increase your crops’ performance with LSTclips™.




AirTech® Organic Automation has designed LSTclips™ with you in mind.

LSTclips™ are designed to train your plant stems with ease. Our design allows for minimal contact with the use of the finger grip.

• The angle of 120 degrees creates the optimum bend reducing stress to the plant and preventing broken stems.

• Made with a Polypropylene blend that is much less toxic than ABS or PVC; LSTclips™ made by AirTech® Home and Organic Automation are much more durable than any 3d printed parts.

• Unlike 3d printed clips made from PLA plastics, our clips can be reused over and over again without breaking.

• These clips are designed with curved edges and an extra deep groove to prevent stem slippage.

• Affordable and competitively priced to give your crops a competitive advantage and create stronger, healthier crops. Great for indoor and outdoor gardening and farming.

Low Stress Training Diagram


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