LSTclips – Plant Training Clips for LST: Train Your Cannabis Plants To Produce Larger Yields

When you leave cannabis and other garden plants to their own devices often result in smaller fruit, tall plants with one central cola, and smaller yields. If you take the time to train your plants it creates more productive plants with larger more productive flowers.

LSTclips have proven to be one of the best methods in providing a Low-Stress Training or plant bender/bending solution. Farmers and gardeners like yourself are really impressed with the results.

Ordinary LST or Plant bending methods involve pinching branches to damage the internal tissue and redirect branch growth. LSTclips instead change the growth path of a branch by forcing the stem down which will naturally cause the stem to bend upward toward the light. This method is gentle to the plant and keeps the rate of growth consistent. LSTclips by AirTech are designed with soft curved edges that reduce stress to the plant.

Plant Training Made Easy

Whether you plan on performing low-stress training, main-lining, or super cropping, LSTclips from AirTech will help you achieve larger more productive crops. Choosing the direction in which your branches grow, you’ll allow more light to penetrate deeper into the canopy, resulting in healthier and larger flowers of each plant.

On average about 10 clips are used to completely train a plant, providing more air and light to penetrate deep into the plant’s canopy.

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Whether you are looking for plant benders for cannabis, plant training clips, 90-degree plant trainer, or any other technique to train your plants, give LSTclips by AirTech a try.

Plant training clips provide a solution to an old-time cropping problem. With modern technology, the average gardener to the most avid farmer can affordably create beautiful large-yielding crops.

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