Benefits of Low-Stress Training(LST)

Low-Stress Training


Low-Stress Training (LST) is the practice of lightly bending stems and then clipping them which will eventually result in the shape of the plant changing. Using a “LST Clip” will not only increase your cannabis and other garden plants harvest tenfold, but it is also quite a fun process to watch. For example, a single 18-inch cannabis or other garden plants using a LST clip forces the plant to stay short while yielding  numerous buds. LST training is used to grow plants into any shape or size; it’s up to you!

Using LST to Increase Your Garden Plants Yield

LST is used to expose numerous buds to direct light rather than just the main bud at the top of the plant, forming a flat, even surface. Doing this will result in the cannabis and other garden plants being trained to easily generate bigger and more buds than an untrained plant. Low Stress Training is a beneficial, cheap, and successful method for any plant but does especially well with all types of cannabis plants.

The concept of LST is to bend and manipulate your plants to create numerous buds. LST helps you to create the size and shape you desire your plant to be, giving you a much larger yield if you grow indoors with lights or outdoors in the natural sunlight. Additionally, LST reduces the height of your plants leaving more room for more plants.

Advantages of Low-Stress Training

Larger harvests working with the same setup, space, and lights.

Total influence over the shape, height, and size of your plant whether indoor or out.

Instead of just a single main bud, your plants will produce numerous big buds!

How to Achieve the Shape You Want Using LST Clips.

  • First, bend down the main stem away from the center of your plant.
  • Next, continue to bend the main stem looping it around your plant.
  • It’s as easy as that! Now, a number of lower growths will rise up to grow into large buds. As a result, you now have a much larger harvest than if you had just one main bud.

What is happing is that the Low-Stress Training Clip is allowing for a better distribution of light because all potential bud sites are situated the correct distance from your lights or the natural sunlight if growing outdoors. This is called growing “in the sweet spot”.

When working with your LST Clips, the idea is to slowly pull the branches away from the middle of your plant. The plant will look somewhat like a star if you look at it from above. What you are doing is exposing the lower branches to better lighting so your plants will remain short.

You may want to cut off the tops of your plants before beginning your Low-Stress Training. It is helpful in providing a more symmetrical base for training.

Keep in mind that after you initially begin working with your LST Clip, the growth of your plant many slow down for the first day or so because it is recovering from the bending, but typically they should be fine after just a few hours.

Why Use LST Clips?

In the past, people have tried using twisty ties or coated wires to try to train their plants, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. However, remember that LST Clips are made professionally, especially for cannabis growth. At the low cost you can purchase your LST Clips for, it really isn’t worth ruining your crop with a makeshift clip. Sharp homemade objects can cut into your plants, and cuts will inhibit growth.

Tips on Bending Your Plants with LST Clips

Begin Training Early – Starting LST early will prevent you from having to train with thick stems. New growth is much easier to work with.

Always Be Gentle – Bend carefully and slowly. Remember, you can’t unbreak a stem!

Place Your LST Clips Securely – Make sure that your clips are securely attached to your plant. You don’t want the stems to get ripped or broken if moving around while growing. 

The new option of LSTclips opens a door to the possibilities of Plant Growth Automation.